Personal Information Consent for Watson IoT Academy

What Is The Information We Collect and Use?

IBM Watson IoT Academy processes the personal information to operate, maintain and provide you with features and functions that enhance the learning experience. We, at IBM, use aggregated metrics such as number of students, unique visit to site and pattern of usage to improve content and usability as well as progress reports limited to our internal brands to understand consumption of their content, any data contained in these reports is not viewable outside of IBM. In some cases Business Partners host courses from the academy and will aggregrate metrics such as the number of students and pattern of usage to improve their content and usability specific to their courses hosted on the academy. If you are an IBM employee all of your course completion data will be shared with your first line and in-country manager, which includes graded activities and completion status, if allowed by privacy and labor relation laws of the employee's country. Monitoring of these activities and course completion is compiled in an aggregrated weekly report and identifies who completed the course. There are no grades released in this report, you are either complete or incomplete. We do not send escalation email notifications about your completion or non-completion of a course to anyone. IBM employees completing a course may be issued Think 40 credit, in such case we provide your name and email address to issue the credit.

(FOR NON-IBMERS) IBM Collection of Personal Information IBM Use of Personal Information

What Is the Information You Provide?

To access the IBM Watson IoT Academy and to be able to take a self-paced virtual classroom or a web-based training course, you will need to sign in using an IBM ID or if an IBM Employee your W3 account. To create an IBM ID go to this site You will be asked for your name, email-address, and country / region. The IBM ID/W3 data is not maintained by the IoT Academy. The IoT Academy requires your username, name and email address, all other data is optional.

***Please note, failing to create an IBM ID (non-ibm) or not using W3 account (IBM) will prevent your access to the Watson IoT Academy. ***

We may use your email address to send you:

IBM Open Badge Program

IBM Open Badges – Watson IoT Academy offers self-paced virtual classroom, web based training courses, classroom courses and quizzes that qualify for an IBM Open Badge. IBM leverages the services of Pearson VUE's Acclaim (a 3rd party) for administration of the IBM Open Badge program. Upon completing a self-paced virtual classroom, web based training courses, and quiz that qualifies for a badge, you will receive a notification from Acclaim to claim your badge. We provide Acclaim your email address, last name and first name specifically for issuing the badge. Claiming the badge is voluntary, if you decide not to claim the badge and want your personal information removed please contact Acclaim support at

The Acclaim account must use the same email address the badge notification was sent.

***Please note, failing to create an Acclaim account will prevent you from being able to claim your badge.***

Business Partner Course Offering

Business Partner Course Offering– Watson IoT Academy may offer self-paced virtual classroom, web based training courses, and hybird classroom courses (part online/part classroom) that are owned and/or delivered by IBM Business Partners. Before you can enroll in these courses you must contact the associated business partner who will process your request. The enrollment process may require personal information and any personal information you provide is governed by the Business Partner PI Policy. Once enrolled in a Business Partner course on the Watson IoT Academy your personal information stored in the system is not electronically transferred to the Business Partner systems. The business partner instructors and/or course managers have access to data such as grades, email address, first and last names of students enrolled in their courses. The data is used only to manage your particiaption in the course and to make improvements to the course. The data will not be used for any other activities outside of managing your participation and course improvement efforts. Further, a business partner may issue a badge as part of completing a course. The Business Partner follows our policy listed under the IBM Open Badge Program. If the business partner collects any personal information during their enrollment process you must contact the business partner to process requests for removal of PI data from their systems.

EU Citizens

Withdrawal of Consent

If you choose to withdraw your consent from this personal information consent for this site we will remove your information. Removal of your information includes removal of access to the site, your training records, scores, and transcripts will be deleted.

Once records are deleted it will not be possible to restore them or provide any training history.

IBM Online Privacy Statement (effective April 2018)