CLM/CE Configuration Management

The badge earner has gained basic knowledge of the solution and adoption strategies of configuration management across the IBM IoT Continuous Engineering solution, and Collaborative Life-cycle Management.

CLM/CE configuration management

Global Configuration Management

  This course is restricted to IBM Employees and Business Partners.

Earning the badge

The IoT CLM/CE Configuration Management badge is issued after the successfully completing the following requirements:

  • Complete all lectures and videos with the course.
  • Pass the end of course test with a score of 80%.
  • Complete all hands on exercises.

What does holding the badge represent?

This badge is an IBM recognized badge that attest the following skills have been obtained by the holder:
  • Explain the concept of Configuration Management
  • Describe how some customers have adopted the solution.
  • List some considerations when considering the solutions, and locate the guidance provided by IBM.
  • Identify some differences from earlier version, and identify some limitations that the team is considering for future versions.
  • Demonstrate some basic use-cases based on a defined Scenario.