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Maximo 7.6 - Introduction and Overview

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This course discusses three of IBM’s strategic products and how they fit into Asset Management. These include Tririga, Smart Cloud Control Desk and Maximo. Learn how to navigate, how to reports and Key Process Indicators, learn about managing basic security and configuring start centers for easy record locations. The course is delivered via interactive simulations where you have an opportunity to learn and potentially interact with the system while we lead you through the functionality. At the end you can test your knowledge by completing the short quizzes. These simulations may aid you in preparing for certification on the product. There are a total of eight (8) simulations in this course.

Primary Course Audience End Users
Course Badge NewAMInventoryItems
Course Duration 3 Hours
Course Delivery Self-Paced
Course Access Open Enrollment
Course Type Maximo Simulations
Course Level Level 100