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Maximo 7.6 - Email Communications

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Communications can be created for different records in Maximo, including Work Orders and Purchase Orders and a communication log lists the inbound and outbound communications for the record. In this module, you'll learn about Communication Templates which allow you to standardize frequently used email communications. You'll learn about the E-mail Listener which allows you to receive and process communications including service requests and other types of tickets using email messages, called notifications. And, you'll learn about a recent feature in Maximo, the use of email interactions. You use an email interaction to send work order or purchasing information to remote users who do not have access to Maximo. Using a portable device, the email recipient can change the status or update a workflow assignment by specifying a value in an email reply. An email interaction uses communication templates, an email listener, and they are triggered by an escalation. Therefore, you'll also learn how to create an escalation. Escalations help you ensure that critical tasks are completed on time.

Primary Course Audience End Users
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Course Duration 3 Hours
Course Delivery Self-Paced
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Course Type Maximo Simulations
Course Level Level 100