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IBM Rational Quality Manager - via Lightning Labs

No matter the type of project and whether it is following agile practices or taking a traditional waterfall-style approach, quality should be an integral part of the development process. IBM Rational Quality Manager is a collaborative hub for business-driven software and systems quality across virtually any platform and type of testing. This software helps teams share information seamlessly, use automation to accelerate project schedules and report on metrics for informed release decisions.

Rational Quality Manager helps quality assurance teams:

  • Collaborate—share project information and status updates seamlessly so team members can synchronize teamwork throughout the lifecycle.
  • Automate—reduce labor-intensive activities to accelerate project schedules.
  • Govern—understand and report on project metrics to enable accurate, reliable and timely release decisions

    In this lightning lab you will explore some of the basic features of RQM and its automation. You will create a Test Plan and use powerful automations to create Test Cases directly from linked requirements. You will create a manual test script automatically from the description of a Test Case. You will execute that script and, when it fails, you will see how RQM can raise defects in the planning system (in this case Rational Team Concert) and automatically link to all the relevant artifacts in RQM.

    Rational Quality manager has so many powerful features that it is impossible to do anything more than scratch the surface in a short lab such as this. As such we will not be covering features such as Test Suites, Lab Management, Build Definitions and Records, Automated Test Execution Schedules, Reporting, Metrics or any of the other incredible features RQM offers.

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