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Rhapsody is an incredibly powerful tool and with that power comes a certain level of complexity. Modeling languages like UML and SysML are also seen as too complex. This perception can be one of the biggest barriers to the adoption of model based techniques in an organization.

However Rhapsody is highly customizable - new users can start off with something very simple and then add more power and more complexity as the need arises, alternatively Rhapsody may be customized and skinned providing users with a simplified modeling environment that uses simple table and form based input and replaces UML and SysML with more domain specific terminology and iconography.

This class gives you the tools you need to be able to build a profile to customize Rhapsody for your organization's needs.

Simplifying Rhapsody Through Profiling and Automation

Audience: Users,  Tools and Process Groups

Skill Level: Knowledge

Time to Complete: 10 Hours

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No badge issued for this course

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