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IBM Watson IoT Sales Level 1 Program Required Courses (Roadmap)


Selling IBM Watson IoT Offerings (1:45 Hours)

Many of our clients are already exploring some type of Internet of Things (IoT) application, but don't know how to get the most value from the data they're collecting. Do you know what is compelling our clients to implement an IoT strategy now? How our phased approach to IoT creates unique value for our clients? Why the Weather Company acquisition is key to our IoT strategy? We have already helped many clients to transform their businesses using our Watson IoT Platform, applications, and industry solutions. In this course you will learn about the opportunity we have in IoT, and how our IBM Watson IoT offerings are uniquely positioned to win.

Positioning IBM Watson IoT Platform (2:00 Hours)

Do you know that IBM is the only company that can boast of an end-to-end portfolio of Internet of Things (IoT) offerings? Watson IoT Platform is the foundation of IBM’s IoT portfolio. The platform not only facilitates the connection of IoT devices but also, and most significantly, integrates the data from the devices into cognitive business solutions. In other words, Watson IoT Platform can help provide your clients with the meaningful insights they are desperately seeking from all the data their IoT devices generate. You can position Watson IoT Platform as the one-stop-shop solution for all your client’s IoT needs. In this course, you will learn about the features of Watson IoT Platform and how it can help your clients transform their business.

Preparing to Sell Watson IoT Platform (1:45 Hours)

Preparation is the key to all successful engagements and selling the Watson IoT Platform is no different. You need to think about the opportunity in terms of your clients and what it can mean for them. Before your first client conversation, you need to identify prospects and learn how they are most likely to want to implement an IoT solution. You need to find the right people to talk to. And you need to do your homework. In this course, you will learn how to prepare for that first Watson IoT Platform client conversation.

Introduction to Using the IBM Watson IoT Sales Kits (:15 Minutes)

Join Scott McKorkle as he shows you how to find the Watson IoT business sales kits and explains the many ways you can use the information.

Security and risk assessment for IoT (:30 Minutes)

This course explains key considerations for securing an internet of things solution. The steps necessary to plan, build, test and maintain a secure IoT system are discussed.

Connecting to the Watson IoT platform (:45 Minutes)

This course is designed to enable sellers to understand the high level components of connecting devices to the IoT Platform. You complete a simple exercise of connecting to the Watson IoT platform with a mobile phone.

Selling a Watson IoT SaaS solution (:45 Minutes)

Learn the key strategies and techniques to selling an IoT SaaS solution. Lead with SaaS when you start any IoT sales discussion; it's the way the market is moving and what customers want. Learn how to discern when a SaaS solution is right for the customer and how to handle common objections. Explain the key advantages to a SaaS solution and contract the deal.

The art of selling Watson IoT (:30 Minutes)

In this course you learn some of the subtle nuances to sell Watson Iot. Learn how to "sell without selling" an end to end IoT solution. Prioritize accounts, collaborate with companies, and leverage customer success stories to beat the competition. Be bold and learn from the experts such as Sanjay Brahmawar, Bart Lautenbach, Heather Preu, and Chris O'Conner on the art of selling Watson IoT.