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What does it take to earn the badge and what is the process?

Each course has a set of required activities and potentially other courses that must be complete to meet the badge criteria.  The system tracks these activities in the background and they are generally marked complete using a checkbox next to the activity.  When all the course activity criteria is met the course is marked complete for the student and the badge is issued.

When the course is marked complete a message is automatically sent to Acclaim identifying the student that completed the course.  The message contains the students first name, last name, email address and which badge to issue.  The Acclaim badge notification will be sent to the email address in your IBMid profile. The Acclaim email will contain a link to their website so you can claim you badge.  Ensure you create your Acclaim account with the same email address the badge was issued to.

NOTE:  When you first signed up for courses you accepted a badge notification that informed you we would be sharing information with our badge provider. 

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I didn't receive my badge notification, what should I do?

The likely issue is you have not completed all the course requirements.  Some courses require that you post to a forum.  The requirements are identified in the course progress bar. Check the course to ensure all items on the progress bar are blue.  If they are create a ticket with the IoT Support team.

What account do I use to login to the academy?

If you are an IBM employee use your IBM intranet (W3) email and password to login to the academy.

All others are required to use their IBMid.

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How do I create an IBMid?

Creating an IBMid is free and easy to accomplish.  You will need to have access to your email to receive the confirmation code. If you are a business partner ensure you create your IBMid using your employer email address, otherwise you will not have access to all content on the academy.  If your an IBM employee ensure you login using your intranet email address, otherwise you will not have full access to the content.

To create your IBM ID:

1. Click the 'Create IBM ID Account' menu option and select 'Sign Up for an IBM ID'.

2.  Complete the requested form.

3.  Check your email for the confirmation code.

4.  Return to the Academy and enroll in the courses you wish to take.

I cannot login to the Academy?

The most common reasons for not being able to login to the academy are forgotton password and username or using the incorrect login.  The academy does not maintain your password nor can we reset your password.  Resetting of the your password is done through the IBM Support team which can be reached by clicking on the IBM Support link.

How do I update my email address, first and last name?

Your email, first and last name are checked everytime you login to the academy.  These fields that are updated using your IBMid profile.  If these change you need to update your IBMid profile, otherwise they will be overwritten everytime you long into the academy.  To update your IBM ID profile click here.

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What account do I use to login to the academy?

You will need an IBMid that is associated to your employer email domain.  As a business partner you most likely have an IBMid already that meets this criteria.  If you create your user account using any other email address other than your employer's you will not have full access to the academy content.

I don't see the course content that I expect to see. Why?

Some content on the academy is restricted to IBM Employee's and Business Partners.  Before you submit a ticket please ensure your IBMid account is associated to your employer email domain.  If it is and you do not see the expected content please submit a help desk ticket to get this resolved.


I enrolled in a course, how do I access it?

All of your courses can be accessed through the 'Student Dashboard' menu option, which is the main page for student records.  From the dashboard click the 'View My Courses and Progress' button.

What do the course checkboxes mean?

The checkboxes in a course ae there so you can track your progress through the course.  These checkboxes have a solid border or a dashed border depending on the activity completon criteria.  A solid border indicates the checkbox can be checked by the student to indicate they have completed the activity.  A dashed border indicates that the system will check the box once the activity completeion criteria is met.  For example, a quiz that requires the student to achieve an 80% score before the activity is considered complete would have a dashed checkbox. Most courses will use system related criteria.

I see a progress bar. What does this mean?

The progress bar(s) in a course track the required activities that must be done in order for you to marked complete in the course. As you complete activities in the course the progress bar blocks will change from gray to blue indicating that the activity was completed.  Within the course, if you place your cursor over one of the progress bar blocks the related activity status will display and if you click the block the activity will display and you can start completing the activity.

How long does it take for the badge to be issued?

In courses that require no instructor interaction the badge is issued within 30 to 60 minutes of the course completion criteria being completed.  If a course requires an assignment to be submitted and reviewed by an individual the timeframe is course specific.  If you still have not received the badge after the timeframe has been met please submit a ticket to the Help Desk

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I am having an issue with the course how do I get help?

For any issues please submit a ticket to the Help Desk.

How do I subscribe and unsubscribe from course forums?

To subscribe to a forum enter the forum by selecting the 'Subscribe to this forum' option under the Forum administration menu. You can also unsubscribe form the forum using the same menu option.  You can further subscribe to follow a post.  When you have subscribed to a forum or post you will receive email notification when a new or updated post is made.  The email message contains links that enable you to unsubscribe from the forum and individual posts.



Why do some courses have course progress bar and a course completion block?

Courses in the activity may require a student to complete specific activities to be complete before the badge would be issued and in mainly cases track when a student has completed the course.  In some cases course completion is not a requirement, such as BiteSized Training but the student would want to see what activities they have completed.  The course progress bar provides a list of activities in a visual format and is generally visible in all courses.  The course completion block is available in all courses were course completion is being monitored. The Course Completion Status block will list all criteria required to complete the course.  This criteria could include completion of other courses, approval from an individual, along with completion of the course activities. 

course completion block

Clicking the "More Details" link will display a list of the course completion requirements.

Course Completion Details

The first field to check is the Status field.  If you are complete it will say 'Complete'.

There are five columns to this report. 

  • The first column is Critria Group and will identify the type of criteria that must be completed.  This could include course completion, activity completion, meeting a grade, and manual appoval from one or more specific roles. 
  • The second column will specify the course, activity or other criteria that must be completed.
  • The third column is what must be done to meet the criteria.  This is dependent on the criteria and activity types. Most of the criteria used will be activity and course completion.  So most of these entries will specify 'View the activity type' and 'Acheive Grade'.
  • The fouth column simply identifies whether the criteria has been met.  It will either be yes or no.
  • The fifth column will be the date the criteria was met.
What is the course progress page?

The Course Progress page displays all of your enrolled courses and progress toward completion when a course has completion criteria.  It is also used to simply track what activities you have completed when the course is being used as a library with new contents being added on a regular basis. 

It block on the bar is an activity.  If the block is gray it is incomplete and blue means it is complete.  Clicking a block will take you to the activity to be accomplish.  Clicking the course title will display the course main page.  Once all the blocks are blue the course is complete.

In the near future the process bar will display the date you started the course and the date you finished the course.


I stepped away from my system and I had to log back in?

After 60 minutes of in-activity you will be logged out of the site.  Ensure you complete and or save your work before you step away from your system.

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How do I log out of the Academy?

You should always log-out of the academy when you have completed your study.  Closing the browser does not close your session!!!  Log out by clicking the log out button.

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I am an IBM employee using my w3id login and I get a message that the email already exists!

The most likely issue is your ibm.com email address is assoicated to a IBMid username that does not match your ibm.com email address.  For example, you created an IBMid username of djones@gmail.com and assoicated your ibm email address to that username.

To resolve this issue:

1.  You must edit your IBMid profile and change your email address to a non-ibm email. This will enable you to then login with your w3id account information. If you cannot change your email you will need to submit a ticket to the help desk. The system administrator will contact you to accomplish the merge.

2.  When you login with your w3 account a new user record is created.  This new user will not have any of your courses you have enrolled or completed.  You will need to submit a ticket to the help desk to have your two accounts merged.  Ensure you include the old and new account information, namely the email addresses associated to both accounts.


I completed a course and it is now showing as incomplete. Why?

When a course or program is updated new activities are added, and some may be removed.  When new activities are added the course completion criteria changed, therefore you are no longer complete in that course.  When a badged course is revised a new version of the badge is created an issued to the user upon completion of the additional course requirements.    You do not have to retake courses or activities in a course that you have already completed, unless the content has been updated.  Your proof of completion in the old version of the course is your badge.  The badge is accessible through your Acclaim badge account that you created when the badge was first issued.

I am being asked for an enrollment key, how do I obtain one?

Enrollment keys are not longer used.  If you are being asked for one and are a business partner or IBM employee please log out and log back in. New security measures have been implemented and your profile needs to be refreshed.  If after logging back in you are still getting an enrollment key page please contact the help desk.

I am getting a white screen when launching a simulation?

Please review the following article on how to fix this issue in Chrome as a Chrome update requires the user to allow flash content to execute.  https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/6258784

Right to access to the stored data

If you want to request access to your data and make sure that they are accurate and lawfully entered, please send an e-mail to clmshelp@us.ibm.com with the subject line Request Access to the stored data.

Right to Data portability

You have the right to receive the personal data concerning you, which you have provided, in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format and you have the right to transmit those data to another service provider without hindrance.

Data Erasure (Right to be forgotten)

If you want to request erasure of personal data concerning you (i.e. there is no need for processing your personal data), please send an e-mail to clmshelp@us.ibm.com with the subject line Request Data Erasure.

Data Rectification

If you want to request rectification in case there are inaccurate personal data (i.e. incomplete personal data). please send an e-mail to clmshelp@us.ibm.com with the subject line Request Data Rectification.

Objection to the processing

On grounds relating to your particular situation, at any time the processing of personal data concerning you, including profiling you can object at any time by sending a mail to clmshelp@us.ibm.com with the subject line Request Objection to the processing.

Right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority

You have the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority, in particular in the EU Member State of your habitual residence, place of work or place of the alleged infringement if you consider that the processing of personal data relating to you infringes the EU GDPR Regulation.

Withdrawal of Consent

If you choose to withdraw your consent for this site we will remove all your information. Removal of your information includes removal of access to the site, your training records, scores, and transcripts will be deleted.

Once records are deleted it will not be possible to restore them or provide any training history.

Course forums

Some of the Watson IoT Academy courses contain forums that are used for student interactions. You can subscribe and unsubscribe from these forums and specific posts within a forum. When you subscribe to a forum or post you will receive email notifications until you unsubscribe from the forum or post. When posting to the forum your first and last name will be visual to other students.

What is the IoT Privacy Policy?
Will my IoT Academy Course Completion records be available in my student profile in the Skills Gateway?

Yes, all course and activity completions will be migrated to your skills gateway profile. 

Will my course badges be migrated.

Course badges are issued when the course is completed through Acclaim.  Acclaim sends the award notification to the email address under which the course was completed.  If the email address in the skills gateway profile is the same as the email address in the IoT Academy profile there is nothing you will have to do.  If the emails are different you will need to merge the different email accounts from your Acclaim Profile.

Why is IoT Academy moving to the IBM Skills Gateway (ibm.com/training)?

IBM Skills Gateway aims to improve ourClients and IBM Business Partner learning experiences with:

  • A simplified single destination to consume, manage and track learning activities
  • A Personalized learning based on learner profiles 
  • A Faster time to learn with focused learning journeys
What will happen to course that I have already completed on the IoT Academy?

Completed courses and activities will continue to be tracked and part of your learner profile until 16 March 2020 at 5:00pm ET. On 31 March 2020 your previously completed course and activity information will be visible on your IBM Skills Gateway learner profile along with any new learning completed on the new platform.

What if my Skills Gateway profile is missing some of my completed courses. Where do I get help?

Please submit a service request with the course details in which you have a concern at https://ibmcpsprod.service-now.com/its

How to join Skills Gateway?

In order to access Skills Gateway, you will need an IBM ID if you are not an IBM Employee.  IBM Employees can use their W3 ID.  Creating an IBMid is free and easy to accomplish.  You will need to have access to your email to receive the confirmation code.

To create your IBM ID:

1. Click this link 'Create IBM ID Account'.

2.  Complete the requested form.

3.  Check your email for the confirmation code.

4.  Access IBM Training and Login

The first time that you login to Skills Gateway, you'll be prompted to read and accept the Terms & Conditions to create your profile and to create your profile. 

If you are a Business Partner, an IBM ID and PartnerWorld membership is required to use Skills Gateway, and to see Business Partner content as follows:

1. Get an IBM ID and join PartnerWorld. If you don't already have an IBM ID follow steps 1-3 above.

2. If you are not a member of PartnerWorld join PartnerWorld to access Skills Gateway and other content.

2. Associate your IBM ID with your company by add yourself to your company's profile. Work with your Authorized Profile Administrator (APA) to get your company's 16-character token. Update your PartnerWorld profile

3. Login to Skills Gateway to create profile. The first time you login to Skills Gateway, you'll be prompted to read and accept the Terms & Conditions to create your profile.