IoT - Develop collaboratively using IBM RTC - Workshop

Good quality software does not happen by accident. To deliver quality software, software development teams need tools with a diverse set of capabilities ‚ for managing source code, reporting problems, executing builds, tracking test results, planning releases, communicating with team members and so on.Take this self-paced technical hands-on workshop to learn how day to day tasks such as continuous integration, participating in planning, fixing builds, and collaborating on code changes are made.

IoT - Develop collaboratively using IBM RTC 

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 This course is restricted to IBM Employees and Business Partners. If you do not see the enrollment button please login to the site by clicking the below button. If you are an IBM Employee or Business Partner and after login do not see an enrollment button please contact the Academy Support Desk.

Earning the badge

  • The badge is issued after the successfully completing the following requirements:
  • Completed a comprehensive set of hands-on exercise which cover capabilities like SCM, Code Review and Build Management for developing collaboratively using Rational Team Concert.
  • Passing the end of course quiz with a score of 80%.

What does holding the badge represent?

This badge is an IBM recognized badge that attest the following skills have been obtained by the holder:
  • How to use Quick Planner to prioritize plan items and to create the associated implementation and child tasks.
  • How to manage Implementation activities using IBM Rational Team Concert Eclipse client.
  • How to use the Jazz source control to manage your source code and unit tests using IBM Rational Team Concert.
  • How to perform Code Review.
  • How to review Streams and Component History. 
  • How to baseline the complete change to the code and deliver the components to the main stream. -
  • How to perform a personal and a team build using IBM Rational Team Concert.