IoT - IBM Rational Quality Manager - via Lightning Labs

This badge earner has demonstrated the ability to describe the value of IBM Rational Quality Manager, and demonstrate some of its basic features and automation. This includes creation of test plans, test cases, and test scripts, test execution, and OSLC traceability links across the development lifecycle.

IoT - IBM Rational Quality Manager - via Lightning Labs

Badge to be added after created.

Earning the badge

  • The badge is issued after the successfully completing the following requirements:
  • Completion of all hands on exercises.
  • Passing the end of course quiz with a score of 80%.

What does holding the badge represent?

This badge is an IBM recognized badge that attest the following skills have been obtained by the holder:
  • Describe some of the key capabilities of RQM (Test Plans, Test Cases, Test Scripts and Test Execution)
  • Demonstrate some basic features of RQM and its automation such as:
  •  Creating a test plan
  •  Creating test cases automatically from linked requirements.
  •  Creating a manual test script automatically from the description of a test case.
  • Executing a test script and, when it fails, raising defects in the planning system (in this case Rational Team Concert) and automatically creating links to all the relevant artifacts in RQM.