IoT - Intro to IBM Worker Insights

This badge earner has demonstrated basic knowledge of IBM IoT Worker Insights, and is able to describe its value to customers, articulate unique capabilities, and describe basic use cases.

IoT - Intro to IBM IoT Worker Insights

Badge to be added after created.

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Earning the badge

The badge is issued after the successfully completing the following requirements:
  • Completed a exercises and required reading.
  • Passing the end of course quiz with a score of 80%.
Badge is issued automatically upon course completion.
Contact's and FAQ's:

Badge Issuer Contact - Please submit a ticket to the help desk for badge questions.

Acclaim Support: For questions related to your Acclaim badge earner account and profile, as well as issues related to claiming your badge after receiving a notification, go to

General Badge Program inquiries: For general inquiries related to the IBM Digital Badge Program, contact For Frequently Asked Questions about the IBM Digital Badge Program - click here. This link contains a great FAQ that you can replicate for Internal only badges.

What does holding the badge represent?

This badge is an IBM recognized badge that attest the following skills have been obtained by the holder:
  • Discuss the Worker Insights safersolution describing capabilities.
  • Do a general presentation or narrative of a predefined story or IBM PoV.
  • Identify customer's safety concerns and show how safer workplace capabilities can address them.
  • Collaborate with the IBM team and the client to define business requirements, technical requirements, pain points, core processes, and key decision makers.
  • Determine the benefits of safer workplace solution from the client's perspective and clearly articulates the value in a way that makes the IBM solution compelling.

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