IoT - Maximo Multi-Site/Organization

This badge holder has a good understanding, can discuss and recommend how to establish the initial organizations, sites and setting for the customer. The learner has gained knowledge on the creation of organizations, sites, the various organizational and site setting that potentially enable functionality based on customer requirements. Further, the learner will have knowledge of how to discuss and define locations, location hierarchies as well as classifications and specifications.

IoT - Maximo Multi-Site/Organization

IoT - Maximo Database Configuration

Earning the badge

  • The badge is issued after the successfully completing the Maximo 7.6 - Maximo Multi-Site/Organization course activities and passing the end of course test.
  • Viewing each simulation in the course.
  • Completing the quiz at the end of each simulation and receive a 100% passing score.
  • Completing the end of course test and receiving an 80% or better score.
Recommended next steps

What does holding the badge represent?

This badge is an IBM recognized badge that attest the following skills have been obtained by the holder:
  • An understanding of the Maximo multi-site and organization capabilities.
  • An understanding of the various setting that are available for configuration based on the business needs of the customer.
  • An understanding of the creating and maintaining locations and location hierarchies.
  • An understanding of how to define and create classifications, classification hierarchies and add attributes specifications that enable the customer to track and monitor specific configurations of assets, locations and other key records.