IBM Watson IoT Badge Catalog

NOTE:  The level program badges are restricted to IBM business partners and IBM Employees.

New Sales Foundation Badges

The Sales Foundations Badges will replace the identified course badge .  If you have already earned the existing badge it will be automatically replaced with the new design. If you are a business partner these badges will count toward your organizations competencies and/or authorization to sale accreditation.  Once awarded the badge is authomatically applied to the competency and authorization to sell in Partner World.   If you have shared the existing badge on social media you may need to replace the old design with the Sales Foundation. 

Watson IoT Expand the CE Cust Base Intro

Expanding the CE Customer Base

Watson IoT Optimize Buildings with AI Intro

Optimize Buildings with AI - Intro

Watson IoT Maximo INFOR Take Out Tatic

Maximo - INFOR Take Out Tactic

optimize Equip AI
Optomize Equipment with AI Intro

Optimize Equipment with AI - Intro

Watson IoT Manage Eng Complexity Intro1

Manage Engineer Complexity- Intro

Watson IoT Optimize Operations with AI Intro

Optimize Operations with AI - Intro

Watson IoT Maximo SAP Coexits Tatic

Maximo SAP Coexistence Tactic

tririga selling
Selling Tririga Lease Accounting v1

Selling IBM TRIRIGA Lease Accounting

Intro IoT Worker Insights

IBM IoT Worker Insights - Intro